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A translation and some thoughts

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When he was cut by those envious stabbing wounds, the darkness overtook him. Those around him wished to rouse him from his unconsciousness, but they were unable…

Then a man said to them: You will never rouse him with anything save for prayer.

In other words, they would not be able wake him except by whispering to him of prayer.

So they said: Prayer, o Prince of the Believers.

They whispered into his ear…

The prayer, O Prince of the Believers.

And he trembled.

The word “prayer” was like a codeword that prompted him to gather every atom of life from his bleeding body…

The prayer, O Prince of the Believers.

And he rose to pray!

Is there a situation of greater depth and more exemplary of the energy prayer granted him?

Is there a situation of greater depth than this proving that prayer was unmatched as a source of that vitality that spurred ‘Umar to do everything that he had, to accomplish everything that he had in his life?

What of us!

If we were to be struck by some calamity…

And lost consciousness…

What manner of thing would wake us from it?

Our money?

Our children?

Our professions and financial successes?

Our secrets?

Or will we not find in our lives anything worth living for?!

We know the answer to this…

And our lives stand witness against this

And against our selves

As ‘Umar’s life stands witness in contras to ours

The prayer, O Prince of the Believers.

And he trembled.


I don't understand. I feel like all the Islamic world is burning, dying, suffering, starving-- what is the meaning behind this peace in our small pocket of it? Why is it so shallow? Why isn't it being taken advantage of to help our brothers and sisters? Why do so many people find it so hard to help even in the simplest of ways here in the Gulf?

I do not ask why it is happening, only why so few of the able take advantage of the peace they have to do something.
'Audhu bilLah wa Allahu Al-Musta'an...</lj->

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