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I made a bunch of icons of a couple of Angel Beats! characters, here ya go! Credit would be nice if you use them. o/

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Pokemon anime icons~


First, a whole bunch of Wishfulshippy icons because it is my BW! otpCollapse )

And noooow, the rest! Mostly from the Da! (Decolora Adventures) arc.


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The quality's kind of all over the place, but hey, hopefully the variety makes up for it!


( The rest are here, on animeicons )

Burka Avenger is a new Pakistani kid's show essentially about a Batman-styled Pakistani lady named Jiya who dons a burqa to fight as a masked heroine against tyranny and oppression! Also, the art style is very theatric and dramatic.

It's got English subtitles!

The design choice to have her wear a burqa as her costume is to reclaim what used to be a symbol of oppressive rule. ^^

Also, the little kids are adorable and so is their goat friend, Golu.

Look at that cutie!
I heard of the death of an medical-student-turned-activist Hussam Armanazi (may Allah have mercy on his soul) on tumblr and they showed a picture of him with a kitten that he took into his care.

Which lead to my discovering this curious little tumblr about FSA (Free Syrian Army) and kittens, which sounds like a very strange, rather humourous way of getting the word out about the suffering of the Syrian people at the hands of Assad's regime, but aside from images of cute cats with flags, sad or badly injured cats struggling through the wreckage (there are some graphic images on the blog, so practice caution), there are also images of the FSA treating injured animals. Very heartwarming, considering they're just barely caring for themselves.

Or, as the blog itself puts it in this post:

"If there was ever a symbol to help distinguish the good guys from the bad guys, it is the treatment of animals in this war. The side that shows compassion and respect for life is good; and the side that wages wanton slaughter upon innocent life to spread terror and gorge its insatiable appetite for death is pure evil."

Moving over to the racial cleansing/genocide of the Muslim minority of Burma, they're making another petition to urge EU leaders to press the issue when the Burmese president visits. Please sign it! There are no graphic images on the page and only nondescript mentions of some of the cruel acts to the right— you don't have to read it if it will disturb/upset you, just please sign it!

Unspoken things

(Alternative title: How did I Go From Traditional Medicine to the the Effects of Societal Change in Saudi Arabia on Parenting?)

There's a sort of traditional medical procedure in Arabia that's probably adapted from traditional Chinese medicine's moxibustion. It involves heating a blade until it's red or nearly red and lightly pressing the blade to the heel of the foot for less than a second, multiple times. We call it "kawwiy al-ka'b" (كوي الكعب) meaning "heel ironing."

My dad uses it to treat abdominal pain due to the cold (we're rather prone to getting sick due to the cold in general). Works much faster than medicine, relief's almost immediate! Apparently, you don't feel a thing when it's done too, because the heat goes right up. Never had it done myself, though.

It looks scary, though, and when I was a little kid, I used to get frightened anytime my well meaning father suggested ironing my feet if I complained about the cold. xD;
My dad really likes traditional medicine in general, though. He's also fond of cupping.

My dad's nearly sixty, so the generation gap is quite big; he's more traditional than most fathers nowadays, at least most city dads around here, so with the way I've been brought up, I'm frequently surprised by how different other girls' fathers sound.

I guess to them, my father probably sounds more like one of their grandparents...

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It's the end of an era

Weekends in Saudi Arabia are no longer Thursday and Friday! Which is what they've been all my life; Friday, namely, because Muslims attend their Friday prayer and sermon, naturally, on Fridays.
They're now Friday and Saturday.

After years of feeling a bit sluggish and excitable on Wednesdays in anticipation of the weekend, waiting for the last class to end, it's going to be a little bit hard to get used to a new weekend. It's very different from what we've gotten used to, but at least Friday is still ours.

Naturally, this means government offices will be closed on those days. The private sector will probably follow suit soon.

Boycott FIFA for the people of Brazil!

Please don't support FIFA. Because the Brazilian government is pumping so much money into this and neglecting the people, a protest began and things have now escalated horribly.
People are getting hurt and now the government's threatening to shut down internet in the whole country!
The media is trying to cover it up, for the most part, and only reporting things in a way that's negatively skewed against the protesters to paint them in a negative light.

Source (untranslated)
Some photographs (warning for blood and police violence)



HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the gamer dude with the scary icons.
To share that I've written three fanfics lately. \o/ Available on FanFiction.Net and tumblr.

And I'm going to post them over on my writing journal too.

They're two Pokemon fics, one about Bashou/Hun and Buson/Atilla (plus Toui Rondo/Tory Lund), and one about Litwick/Hitomoshi and the Subway Masters, and a third Angel Beats! fanfic about Naoi Ayato. Yuuup.

So, they'll probably all be up there in a bit!

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