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Roleplaying character list

Pinoko (Black Jack)tomboyishcandyhomeless
Dr. Kiriko (Black Jack)inmorbidityhomeless/dear_mun
Abarai Renji (BLEACH)brokenfanghomeless/dear_mun
Tousen Kaname (BLEACH)bellcricketdropped/scorched
Shirona/Cynthia (Pokemon)gentleguidancehomeless/dear_mun
Yamato/Cassidy (Pokemon)thatsneakyrathomeless/dear_mun
Iris (Pokemon)xwildxflowerxdropped/scorched
Meroko Yui (Full Moon o Sagashite)meroticallyhomeless/dear_mun
Chibi-Neko (The Star of Cottonland)tocottonlandhomeless/dear_mun
Dororo (Dororo)frayedkimonohomeless/dear_mun
Gin (Detective Conan)ravenchaserdropped/realityshifted
Haibara Ai (Detective Conan)ashensorrowhomeless/dear_mun
Hyakkimaru (Dororo)48demonshomeless/dear_mun
Clawdeen Wolf (Monster High)fashionistawolfhomeless/dear_mun
Uruno (Damekko Doubutsu/Useless Animals)wimpywolfhomeless/dear_mun

I'm going to make new journals now. >>;

If anybody wants to play with any one of them, feel free to ask. ♥

My roleplaying character accounts on dreamwidth can be found here!

Sparkly magical girl Pinoko in frills and ribbons. Do the bows make her look like a butterfly?

(Crisis Make Up!)

Pinoko and Yuri watching horror movies on the couch. Yuri was going to stay with Pinoko, “in case Pinoko-chan gets scared,” but ends up hugging her in fright.

Kiriko will hide the rifle in case Yuri comes to the decision that she can’t sleep without it for the following week.

And some older drawings--some Pokemon characters here!Collapse )

I also randomly made this gif at some point.


"Do not despair over what has passed, except in order to strive harder for what is coming. For many a man did good, became arrogant about his own self, and became careless and such was his ruin. And many a man committed evil, then remained ever regretful, ever repenting, ever striving… constantly aware of himself and therefore becoming one of the first to enter Paradise."

Dec. 4th, 2013

Just saw some Israeli girl claiming the keffiyah is not only of Jewish origin, but also a religious item not to be worn by non-Jews. Okay, she was saying this in response to keffiyahs patterned with the Star of David among other motifs, but she was wearing a regular black-and-white keffiyah which has symbolized the Palestinian resistance for decades!

That's enough tumblr for one night, I think. I'm going to bed.


I anticipate feeling this way when this semester ends and I have to be tested in both blocks. Cheers to you M&E and also to you GDA!

I am grateful that mid-terms have been mercifully simple.

I also discovered I really don't need to socialize as much as I thought I did! Unfortunately, I discovered it by being terribly burnt out and becoming an unreasonably paranoid disaster, but I'm happy to report that since permanently leaving plurk, I've only had one, maybe two outbursts!

Also, whatever I was feeling, it certainly wasn't loneliness, so my solitary nature remains intact. Excellent.

My love for Angel Beats! has eaten up my life, also. I can't wait for the visual novel to come out and I don't typically play them~ I want fleshed out backstories for all those lovely minor characters that didn't get their time in the spotlight in the regrettably cut-short-due-to-executive-meddling anime. ;3;

I am both VERY PLEASED that the XY series of the Pokemon anime is so visually stunning (oh and look, they've changed the designs! Everyone's proportions have changed, Satoshi's hair is ever so slightly longer enough to cover part of his ears, okay, fingernails are now always drawn) and I do love sweet sibling relationships, so if Dent and Iris were my favourite aspect of Best Wishes!, I can confidently say Citron and Eureka will be my favourite of XY.

(Aside from the art and animation, of course.)

It's also interesting that they included a girl (Serena) who seemingly met with and was rescued by Satoshi when they were children... but only she remembers him? Well, whatever her story is, it'll be fun.

On an only slightly Serena-related note, Yayakoma/Fletchling moves like a bird and that makes me so happy~!

Reading The Alchemist right now... the last thing I read before that was bits and pieces of Kino's Journey and Catfish and Mandala before that. All the books I read lately have to do with travelling, entirely by coincidence.

The Alchemist reminds me of Kino's Journey in that it uses travel as a metaphor, but the tone is very different... and Kino's Journey isn't as well-known. It's a light novel series, only the first two volumes of which saw an official English release (the TV anime adaptation saw a full release). The Alchemist is brimming with optimism, while Kino's Journey is... very bleak. I think Kino's Journey is most like The Little Prince, though! Because the main character goes from land to land and each land's people and traditions are also just an analogy for different aspects of humanity.

Both works will leave you crying too. Probably.

On Pokemon games... (no spoilers)

Junichi Masuda: Morality in the story is one of the core things I think about when making these games. I think anyone who has the capacity to play the game will inherently be in a privileged position; they are above a certain level of poverty to even own video games. This means they might be in a more favorable position to change the world when they grow up. In Pokémon, we present an idealistic world. That is there deliberately, in the hope that it inspires our players to be positive influence on their own world.


So, it's no secret that I'm Muslim and try to keep my blog clean and appropriate! Moreover, I really don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, so I try to tag everything and keep a list of tags, in case people want to block things. I've been told my blog's one of the tamest out there. xD;

I am also a Beautiful Soldier Sailor Moon fan and so, it shows up on my blog every now and then. I typically only reblog and post things in the series' style (which I do not find inappropriate) or similarly tasteful fanart. I sometimes wonder if it makes me seem hypocritical. The comments about how the Sailor Soldiers' uniforms are overly sexualized really bother me. Do I think they're revealing? Just a bit and that's the way the (female) author of the manga wanted them to be. With the way the series is drawn and stylized, it couldn't be less sexualized, though, barring a few, brief, seconds-long shots. Then, there's the primary audience, who are children who won't notice this anyway... it's adults who view it and might find it scandalous.

If it were up to me, would I have made the skirts longer? Just a bit! But would I want them to wear anything other than the sailor fuku? Of course not!

The characters are, again, meant for young girls. Japanese girls in particular, because they're Japanese heroines. But how many Japanese girls naturally have blonde hair and blue eyes? Probably only slightly more common than blue-eyed, blue-haired or green-haired girls... but the characters wear Japanese school uniforms, speak Japanese, have Japanese names, live in Japan, and were raised in that culture! They're just extra colourful because of the  "Mukokuseki" approach of designing characters. Which fits as, you know, the main girls all originally came from distant planets. But when it comes to the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, in civillian form, all the girls have black/brown hair, until they transform into Sailor Soldiers, where they regain their brightly coloured hair. But they're all still played by obviously Asian actors. I like that.

I think it's very important that they be Japanese schoolgirls whose uniforms are heavily based on Japanese school uniforms. I can't imagine how happy I'd be, if I were one of those girls who get to wear the sailor fuku when I go to school, when my childhood hero wears it as her soldier's uniform, fighting evil as a champion of love and justice!

This is why representation matters. Little kids connect with characters who are like them. Even if the outrageous colour schemes typical of anime make them not look like any nationality in particular, anyone can look at how the characters bow, dress in kimono, eat with chopsticks, and wear Japanese school uniforms and think, "yes, they couldn't be anything other than Japanese!"

Tying bravery and strength to an article of clothing many girls will wear at some point in their lives is just such a positive and inspiring power fantasy!

I know adults love dark and edgy shows because they feel more realistic, but when there's so much darkness in the real world already, children need these fantasies and heroes like them, so they'll have hope that maybe, they can also change the world into a better place.

That's why we need more fictional characters that will connect with more and more children out there! We've just got a niqab-clad, Pakistani magical girl of sorts, fighting for equal rights in education. I can't wait for more, so we could have all sorts of characters from many different nationalities to look up to, not just "well, at least this one's from the same continent"!

At first, I was surprised that Angel Beats! had the central theme of Adolescence. I expected it to have Life, but that was the core theme of Little Busters! instead. I suppose that's why people felt them too similar...

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it really was a story of adolescence, just as much as it was a life-affirming story.

Not only for the obvious reasons (this afterlife is themed as a school, populated only by the souls of children in their teenage years), but also because of their fears regarding the uncertainties of what will become of them when they pass onto their next life echo those of adulthood. How nice it would be to stay in the gardens of youth forever! Especially in such a place where you could never grow up, fall ill, or even die. It really would have been a Paradise... but it was never meant to last. It's not eternal, only a middle stage, which they were meant to graduate from by leaving behind their pain and regrets; not by denying them, but by accepting them and moving on. Anyone who lingered would only suffer the loss of anyone they befriended. The Programmer had the right idea in that respect.
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